IL Legislators Still Don’t Get It!

Posted: September 9, 2010 by tennesseetree in IL in Fiscal Ruins

IL is virtually and soon will be, completely bankrupt. Just how long will it take our legislators to get off their butts and work to solve the problem? How long can they continue to ignore it and wrangle over who gets elected? I am glad to read that, as in this article, legislators are beginning to get dunned by bill collectors contacting them, that their office rents are not being paid, and that utilities are being turned off, etc. Apparently this is what it takes for our legislators to realize that the state budget crisis is not a political myth:
…”It’s helped me focus on the fact that it’s not a manufactured crisis,” said Rep. Bill Black, R-Danville – who took over payment of his district office’s garbage collection bill after the waste company threatened to withdraw service because the state wasn’t paying. “It’s real.”…
Hell, I think all these state debts should affect the credit score records of all our politicians! I don’t want these politicians to be comfortable and able to pretend that the State isn’t falling apart! Then maybe they would feel the pain that we all feel and act…

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