Still, Still, no news on Early Release

Posted: July 2, 2010 by parchangelo in IDOC, Uncategorized

David Erickson was expected to file his report to the Governor by July 5, 2010. Sorry, we checked around today, July 7, 2010, but no one has heard from Erickson yet about his report. We were not able to reach Erickson directly, but we were able to reach a few reporters and encourage them to flush him out. Hopefully they will report any news they find.

This is just one step. His findings will be studied before any move is made to implement any or all of them. The timeline is still unknown. We will post any news as it becomes available.

  1. denise hilton says:

    how are people supposed to get their lives back on track not knowing when our guys will be coming home?this to me is cruel and unusual punishment!!!


  2. robsgirl says:

    what is the problem here? i dont get it. why isnt something bein done about this? mgt worked for so many years why cant we ust go back to the way it was an everyone would be just fine. no insted we are sittin here waitin for an answer an geting nothing. obs arnt being done as they should an questions arnt being answered. my god…if everyone would ust take one day and sit in one room and talk this matter through. i bet it would get fixed in no time at all. i know i want to know whats going on. i want my baby home. he should have been home last month. im sorry. but damn i wish patt quinn could feel half the pain we feel for our l/os. this isnt fair and it hurts. who answers our questions? i want to know. please!!!!


  3. Sandra says:

    Don’t forget to mention that Erickson was supposed to deliver this report in JANUARY! When pressed by the media he said he would “try” to complete it shortly after the 4th of July. Here it is July 20 and he’s apparently still not done. If I were affected by this (i.e., if I had an inmate in prison who would have been out already if not for the MGT debacle), I would contact Erickson directly.


  4. greatestever says:

    This is very cruel !something needs to be done we want our love ones home when will this guy do the job I’m sure he’s being paid to do! How long will these inmates have to wait before they will even know what’s really going on


  5. mama bear says:

    So u mean to tell me if u were promised to only do six months of ur sentence n a court of law its not goin to happen can someone amswer tht for me


  6. Corey'sWife says:

    I totally agree my guy is currently in prison been gone for seventeen months. He also was promised six months good time prior to his plea.. I also dont think its fare wha r Gonvenor has done. Why punish r love ones for his faults. My children misses there dad an we want him home as promised by da court


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