Rockford Police Dept too blame for Edjuan Payne fiasco?

Posted: June 7, 2010 by tennesseetree in Uncategorized

There is one interesting breakdown in the Rockford police procedure which this May 19, 2010, editorial in the Peoria-Journal Star happens to point out apparently occurred and affects the political blame game between the Quinn administration and the correctional bureaucracy over who unwisely set the previously convicted murderer, Edjuan Payne free as part of the state’s early prisoner release program. Payne was later arrested for his alleged murder of Orvette Davis and her granddaughter.  All early release programs were suspended by Quinn after media attention was drawn to the backgrounds of some of the individuals released early from IDOC. From the editorial:

…”It appears the only substantial piece of information missing that could have been a difference-maker here was Payne’s arrest on a misdemeanor charge of criminal trespass in Rockford last December. For some reason nothing was ever entered into the state’s central clearinghouse by Rockford police or the Winnebago County courts. Had it been, IDOC spokeswoman Sharyn Elman says, it would have been flagged as a violation of Payne’s parole and resulted in a warrant for his arrest, in which case he might never have gotten the opportunity to cross paths with Orvette Davis in Peoria. Fate can be such an arbitrary thing that, well, who knows?”…

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