Another Legal Rights Issue

Posted: May 23, 2010 by lactoselazy in Local Issues, Terrible Wrongs - Other Cases, The Causes of Wrongful Convictions, Uncategorized

“Everything becomes secondary to preventing terrorism”. This is the mindset that arose after 911 and continues to dominate the determination of public policy. While it sounds like a reasonable position to take; it is an impossible goal to achieve when the methodology and effort used is focused primarily closing the corral after the horses have escaped.

Everyone can argue about why the US is the primary target for terrorism from all sides, including domestic, and why this risk continues to increase year after year. The truth is that the US government and the policies it pursues (and continues to persist in following) are unpopular, here, and around the world. As long as we fail to acknowledge this and take the action needed to change these policies, the US will come increasing under attack, no matter what rights we surrender in the futile attempt to defend ourselves.

We have only a few protections ourselves from criminal predations from the government, and Miranda rights are primary among them. The American public needs to wake up and realize that we cannot afford to continue to sacrifice the eroding of such basic individual protections to meet the insatiable demands of those in power who claim it serves “for the greater good”, but who will not ever achieve their goals because their approach is dated and ineffective. ..”When you resolve to treat terrorists like common criminals, the danger is that you will end up treating common criminals like terrorists.”…This is the concern of the Wall Street Journal’s May 15, 2010, opinion regarding Obama’s Attorney General, Eric Holder’s proposal to broaden out exceptions to applying Miranda rights to so-called “terrorist” suspects. (Read here) We too find the erosion of our Miranda rights to be an unacceptable sacrifice too reminiscent of George Bush.

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