Mentally Ill with no future

Posted: April 19, 2010 by pillowfiends in IDOC, Prosecutorial Misconduct, Terrible Wrongs - Other Cases

To prison! Why and for what purpose? As if she has not already suffered and will suffer from remorse for the rest of her life? This woman is unlikely to harm anyone else. It is nice to think that the mentally ill in prison are really treated and get better. Instead, they are warehoused away from mainstream advances and behavioral therapy.

Anyone who deals with mentally ill individuals knows that mental illness is an overwhelming obstacle to overcome on a daily business. One may not be insane, but are you really in control of your actions and decisions? You have to admire the stamina of ill persons who have to somehow figure out a way to cope with their illness and constantly grope toward normalcy while the rest of us take that normalcy and the ease of doing everything for granted.

This woman is not going to get meaningful treatment in prison. Instead, she will  be constantly medicated on a variety of drugs which will exact upon her long-term physical effects, but will not cure her, just as she was probably not properly diagnosed before her child’s death.

UPDATED: Mom guilty in

3-year-old’s death

BY SCOTT FITZGERALD, The Southern | Posted: Tuesday, April 13, 2010 9:12 pm

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