More screwing with IDOC “Good Time” credits

Posted: February 25, 2010 by tennesseetree in IDOC

Read most current information regarding status of  IDOC  Early Release & Good Time Credits (here)

Looks like beginning now, everyone will have to spend at least 61 days in IDOC before qualifying for any good credit; which means spending even more time before those credits are calculated out.

February 18, 2010

House panel approves good time credit crackdown for state criminals

Posted by Michelle Manchir at 5:01 p.m. 

SPRINGFIELD — Criminals would no longer qualify for good time credit before setting foot in state prison under legislation a House committee approved today.

The measure is a response to Gov. Pat Quinn’s botched early release program that ended after reports surfaced that some criminals who got out were arrested for new offenses. It became a major issue in the final month of the Democratic governor primary campaign between Quinn and Comptroller Dan Hynes.

The proposal would eliminate prison officials’ authority to award credit to inmates before they begin their terms.

Rep. Dennis Reboletti, R-Elmhurst, a former county prosecutor, sponsored the bill to help curb crimes from inmates who are released early. He said that criminals’ release dates too often are anticipated to be six months earlier than the amount of time they were sentenced to serve. 

“A lot of these guys are ending up right back into custody anyway,” Reboletti said.

The latest measure complements a law Quinn signed last month that requires prisoners to serve at least 60 days in state custody before they become eligible for good conduct credit.

The measure now goes to the full House, but Reboletti said he will not push for a vote until the Illinois Department of Corrections is fully on board with the plan. Representatives at the committee today said  housing inmates for longer periods of time could be problematic for the cash-strapped prisons.

“You’ll need more bed space and there will be a cost,” Reboletti said. “But again, I think the number one priority of Illinois is public safety.”

The bill would not eliminate prisoners’ ability to collect good time credit for their time served in county jails or their involvement in substance abuse classes and earned college credit while imprisoned.

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  1. Marlene Brown says:

    Please tell me who to call or contact on this issue. My daughter is in Dwight for an eighty dollar book theft, NON VIOLENT. The good time is put on hold and I will do anything I can to help get it reinstated. She should have been home a month ago.


    • christy says:

      i know exactly how you feel. my fiance is locked up in east moline he was supposed to be home in june now we are looking at december!!!! our son is due in july. this is hell for me..


      • sav says:

        i know how u guys feel too my boyfriend of 2 years was supposed to be home in april and now that he dont have his good time we are looking at december he had theft charge NON violent and all he wants to do is come back home he has learned his lesson and he just keeps getting his hopes up about coming home, its like noone cares or wants to pay attention to this subject cause they dont no what its like. ya obviously we dont want to violent criminals back on the streets but why not save money and un crowd the prisons by letting the non violent criminals come home.just be cuz they are in jail/prison does not mean they are bad ppl and i am sick of others thinking that…we do need to do something about this. thanks for listening to be go on but i am not very happy w/ the system right now and i just need somone to hear us out. if no one else is going to help we as family members and friends of those is idoc need to get this reinstated!


  2. smallmouth63 says:

    Marlene, really sorry to hear about your daughter’s plight. All you can do at this point is contact Quinn and your state legislators. No one at IDOC facilities can give a definite answer for you until action is taken at the top. Complain that taking away Meritorious Good Time or even just suspending it penalizes non-violent offenders more than violent offenders. And for nothing, since inmates due out in a short time will need to come out anyway. With all the political hype, IDOC may not reinstate MGT until after the elections. Good luck!


  3. Robsgirl says:

    This is just crazy! Illinois is over 8billion in debt. Yet inmates r haven to stay in prison 6 months or more longer then they should. By stoping the mgt good time is only maken problems worse for illinois. Does anyone without a l/o in prison see this? My god open ur eyes an see that it cost more then 32,000 to house an inmate for as lil as a year. Witch idoc gets this money after the inmate is inprisoned for 61 days. There is no way in hell i would ever agree with what has happen in idoc this year. Get ur head outa ur ass an go back to what works. Why did u feel the need to play with idoc anyway? It worked before for years without a problem. Nice job gov/ illinois. Now fix it an fast. We r goin broke an all ur doin about it sitting on a pile of damn paper work that just needs to be signed. Get on it. This is just stupid!


    • sav says:

      thank you very much…this is stupid and as of right now so is the government. its there fault there dumba$$w$ were the ones letting the violent criminals out its common sense not to do the wth


  4. christy says:

    what is this asshole patt quin doing????????????my l/o was supposed to be out in june. my baby is coming in july. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gave back the FUCKING good time


  5. Tara says:

    Christy, hound your state representative and senator. They are there to represent you and deal with your problems with the state government, and they are your pipeline to Quinn.


  6. ashley says:

    there is an update at da top of dis page from aug 12,2010 for the l/o to read some of it may apply to some of you and others it may not make a difference but i agree with everyone quinn has made illinois worse than what it hopin and prayin that it comes back in tired of waiting is hard for the inmates in there who want to be home with their children and know that they have learned their lesson and they are being punished for it…its not fair for the inmates the good time has been around for years and its never been a problem so y is it now…


  7. Tara says:

    i know how every1 feels. my fiance is in for stealing a bottle of coca cola! 2nd theft. almost 3 years apart.. his p/d told him he would be out in 61 days. we later find out they took it away! so now due to this suspension he wont be out until august 2011! for a soda!!!!!! its so stupid! does anybody kno if they plan to bring it back? or wat is happening? how do i find any of this out!!! wat can i do to help it come back! i just want him home with me and our family!


  8. Leslie says:

    Sorry Tara

    Click on the link on the top of this page. Youll read that there doesnt look like any more early release coming down nd no more MGT credits either til like maybbe next year. Way too late!!


  9. tiffanie says:

    I feel all u ladies I’m miserable as hell my fiance suppose to be home Jan 2011.they say he should have his 6mths by then I suer hope so if not he will be home n July. And our wedding suppose to be in June .Good Luck!!!!!


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