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Posted: January 27, 2009 by scornn in Uncategorized

Richard’s mom sent me a few quotes

“What’s happened  in our country?  It used to be you were innocent until proven guilty in our courts, not in our papers.” P.R.                   Brain Wash— to repeat the same story over and over until it is believed– but is it true????                                                                                 Psalm 64:2  Hide  me from the comspiracy of the wicked, from the noisy crowd of evil doers.  M.O.


Do the police and the public realize that a murder is walking around among us because he hasn’t been caught?  An innocent person has been accused and the police think their problem is solved, case closed.  How wrong is that??  Think of this im;pact on innocent people in the meantime.  May God have mercy.  Velma

  1. saveourights says:

    When a person is being notoriously attacked in public, it is easy for us to forget that the person was ever kind or supportive of ourselves. We instead are quick to join the mob in finding fault with them and putting distance between them and ourselves.

    I know that every person who met and had the opportunity to interact with Richard Wanke, had the chance to see him exert the effort and take the time to help someone else out because that is what Richard continually did, whether it was in his own interest or completely unsolicited. I have read negative, small-minded comments made about him and behaviors attributed to him by persons who claim to have known him well. What I find curious, is their complete lack of crediting him with any of the many small and sometimes more wonderous good deeds and kindnesses he showed them. After all, they found something appealing in Richard’s frenetic personality.

    Richard has always been an overwhelmingly creative person of ideas and an overflowing source of supportive motivation for others. I know of many now silent persons in this community who drew inspiration from Richard Wanke and who sucked off every effort and breath he gave them-whether it was advice on how to create and run a business, develop publicity, set-up and operate equipment, market themselves, creat art, or rehab structures.

    You name it and Richard had something to contribute to the people around him, whoever he saw in need. Frankly, I’d like to hear the positive comments from all those persons he spent countless hours to help move, work with in projects, teach, personally counsel, and those friends who he responded to in the middle of the night when they had emergencies and needed someone to pick them up, lend them a shoulder, babysit for and even care for themselves and their families.

    I am certain that those who actually have known Richard Wanke well, understand what I refer to as the giving nature of Richard Wanke. Whether they understood it at the time or simply decided to make use of it and later discard him is another matter. I am simply waiting for their consciences to speak.


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