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Todays rrstar article reports that Richard’s defense attorney did not get the paperwork in time for yesterdays court date does anybody else see an ongoing problem of the prosecutor not getting the defense the paperwork and evidence they require just like the Alan Beaman case.

Please leave comments or tell us about your experiences with prosecutors

  1. JayS says:

    “a judge who believes Wanke would pose a risk to the community if allowed to remain free on bond as he awaited sentencing on the burglary.”

    Sounds like SOMEBODY has decided guilt already.
    Why even have due process when something like this is told to the public.


  2. Darrow says:

    The prosecution gets everything that the police have, and the defense only gets half of it. That fact alone always gives the advantage to the states attorney.


  3. john doe says:

    Crime in America 2015: Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities Under 200,000
    Little Rock, Arkansas is the #1 Most Dangerous City in the United States according to data released today by the FBI. Overall violent crime in Little Rock increased nearly seven percent over the course of 2013–the latest year for which the FBI has published data. Rockford, Illinois and New Haven, Connecticut switched positions this year to #2 and #2, respectively. Flint, Michigan, last year’s #1 Most Dangerous City, is not ranked this year as its population according to the FBI dropped 59 people below the 100,000-person threshold to rank. Look at the list below to see the full Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities in America fewer than 200,000, and click here to see full Crime in America 2015 coverage.
    Click here to view a slideshow of the Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities over 200,000.
    Rockford, Illinois is the #2 Most Dangerous City with a population under 200,000, moving up from its position at #3 last year. Most notably, Rockford’s murder rate has more than doubled since last year, when the ratio was 5.91/100,000 people. Last year Rockford saw 9 murders, this year they reported 19. Unfortunately, Rockford’s report of 19 this year was more on par with what the city has seen in recent years; last year’s 9 murders was a notable abnormality.
    Violent Crime Rate: 1,375/100,000 people | Murder Rate: 13/100,000 people
    Population: 150,209 | Officer to Population Ratio: NA
    Median Household Income: $38,157 | Pop. Below Poverty Line: 25.1%
    Rank last year: #3
    Research and analysis by Law Street’s Crime in America Team: Kevin Rizzo, Chelsey Goff, and Anneliese Mahoney.

    Assistant State’s Attorney Under Investigation
    Posted: Thu 5:53 PM, Jul 24, 2014 by: Marissa Sherer

    ROCKFORD (WIFR) – She’s usually protecting the innocent, but now a local prosecutor is defending her actions in the courtroom.
    Winnebago County Assistant State’s Attorney Brenda Quade is accused of not following court procedures during a trial in 2010.
    23 News was able to obtain a complaint filed against Quade with the board that disciplines attorneys. According to the papers, the witness who pointed his finger at the defendant took back his confession.
    Quade was required to tell the defense, something the complaint says she never did. The Winnebago County State’s Attorney’s office is not representing Quade in the investigation, and won’t comment specifically on her actions, but is cooperating with the board that’s looking into the matter.
    “Ultimately, they will probably result in a hearing and when that hearing is completed, we will comply with whatever is required as a result of that hearing.”
    It’s a process that could take months. After looking at the information , the board could decide to close the case or continue with a hearing, where it would rule whether Quade, broke procedure. It would then make a recommendation to the Supreme Court which has the final say. Depending on the Supreme Court’s decision, Quade could be in some legal trouble.
    While the investigation continues, it’s work as usual for Quade in the State’s Attorney’s Office.
    The trial in 2010 ended with a not guilty verdict. Quade has been with the State’s Attorney’s Office since 2001. We spoke with her attorney this afternoon who did not want to comment.
    ************ How many other cases are there that assistant state’s attorney within Winnebago County were investigated for misconduct / withholding information from the defense? Please post any on craglist Rockford (rant and rave) with a case number. And contact the ARDC out of Chicago.
    Joe Bruscato to run again for Winnebago County state’s attorney
    ROCKFORD — Winnebago County State’s Attorney Joe Bruscato will announce his bid for a third term Tuesday.

    The 52-year-old Democrat was elected in 2008 and 2012. He credits the County Board for approving additional money for his office and for the county Public Defender’s office. The extra cash is paying for additional personnel who are helping move cases through court faster. Additionally, Bruscato said, his new office policies increased collection of delinquent court fines and fees.
    “I’m seeking a third term, but I’m not seeking a fourth term,” he told the Register Star Editorial Board on Monday. “I’m not a believer in term limits, but I do believe in the concept that anyone in elected office ought to have an idea of how long it would take to get the job done.”
    Bruscato’s $165,000 salary, which is set by the state, has remained the same since he was first elected.
    Maintaining adequate local and state funding to effectively prosecute criminal and civil matters is an ongoing challenge, Bruscato said. He oversees a staff of 48 assistant state’s attorneys, for whom starting pay is $42,000 a year. Those attorneys can earn more in the collar counties of Chicago or in private practice and many leave for better-paying opportunities after an average three-year tour in the Winnebago County state’s attorney’s office, which is essentially “a farm system for other offices and for the private sector.”
    In fiscal 2014, Bruscato’s office lost 14 assistant state’s attorneys. Four attorneys have left the office since fiscal 2015 began Oct. 1.
    Staffing challenges aside, Bruscato is encouraged by early results of a deferred prosecution program his office launched in January 2014 to reduce strain on the local criminal justice system. Amnesty is given to first-time; nonviolent offenders provided they complete a tailored program that may include community service, avoiding drugs and alcohol, obtaining a high school diploma or GED, or other measures.
    Offenders must provide a recorded confession to be used during prosecution if they fail to complete the program. A volunteer community panel screens applicants to determine whether they qualify for the program. Fourteen people have completed the program and 56 applicants are pending.
    Bruscato’s office will continue participating in a Violent Crimes Taskforce that brings local, state and federal criminal justice personnel together to discuss collaborative strategies to combat violence in the Rockford area. And more can be done, Bruscato said, to provide opportunities for prisoners to become productive members of society upon release from prison.
    Republicans will likely field a candidate to oppose Bruscato in the November 2016 election, said Winnebago County Republican Central Committee Chairman Jim Thompson. He said it’s too early to speculate who that might be.
    Bruscato will formally announce his re-election bid at a fundraiser from 5 to 7 p.m. at the Lombardi Club, 209 Olive St., and Rockford Isaac Guerrero: 815-987-1361;; @isaac_rrs


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