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Source: Prison treats inmates too harshly – Rockford Register Star

Rauner’s facing major skepticism from State politicians, and just about everyone with any financial expertise on State finances over his optimism that the State can drag itself out of the financial mess it is in if only those responsible for making decisions hold firm and have the guts to cut enough in public and state services to cover the budget deficit which he claims will ultimately create the impetus for a state fiscal recovery.

Big-time skepticism over Rauner’s game plan and proposed budget fixes

Pat Quinn out and a new IL Governor has moved in and is redrawing the State’s economic and political landscape completely it appears in the opposite direction that Quinn and democrats were trying to pull it. The big question in everyone’s mind is: Will IL be moving backward in the financial abyss or forward out of it with Rauner is now at the controls? Or will it all amount to a big stalemate and slide to financial ruin if Rauner just slashes State services and costs but is unable to achieve anything positive? What is apparent so far is that Rauner’s victory in November did not carry a voter consensus endorsement of his fiscal, political, or social agendas. Rauner’s win was instead, a repudiation of past Governor Pat Quinn. But now, IL is stuck with Rauner and will have to come to terms with him as a political animal

Rauner’s victory didn’t carry other GOP members in Illinois