Richard’s FOIA Requests

It has been nearly two years since Richard Wanke, was yanked by Rockford Police off his 2006 bond release and incarcerated; first, in the Winnebago County Jail for six months prior to his sentencing hearing in Rockford, and then sent to IDOC for 14 years, under the presumption that he was somehow involved in the February 6, 2008, shooting of Gregory Clark.

Richard Wanke, had little opportunity during his six months in the Winnebago County Jail to assist in the preparation of the presentation of his case at his August 6, 2008 sentencing hearing, but he tried to do what he could. Richard has been attempting to locate letters he wrote to Judge McGraw from the Winnebago County Jail, prior to his sentencing hearing.

These letters should be included as part of his official Winnebago County Court file for his 2006 case. Richard’s case file has been inspected by various people, but these letters to Judge McGraw, (referred to in court) are not presently in the file.

Richard has sent several requests for copies of these documents and logs on their whereabouts to county officials,  but they claim to have no information about these letters. Richard is now filing his second requests (see letters and responses, below) for the same documents and is asking assistance with his requests from Madigan’s office.



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