If you are interested in learning more about Richard’s case, then pull down the tab above labelled “Who is Richard Wanke” and click on the “Greg Clark Murder” tab beneath it to read more about Richard’s murder case and predicament. All the case information about Richard is password protected. You will need to email us at freerichardwanke@gmail.com in order to gain access to the information. Please feel free to add your comments as you read. 

Even though Richard Wanke was found guilty at trial March 2017, there is a lot about his case which the jurors did not hear or know. Most of the information presented in the Trial Summary and Why the Evidence proves that Richard Wanke did not murder Greg Clark, was not presented at trial. We believe that if it had been, that the jurors would have acquitted Richard Wanke of the murder of Greg Clark. We will also post transcripts from Richard Wanke’s case to read.

There is no other high-profile case in Winnebago County, and few other murder cases where the defendant has been convicted on absolutely no proof or evidence of his presence at the murder scene or his involvement. In every other case in this County some sort of linkage or reason to deprive the defendant of their liberty for the rest of their life exists; even when the evidence against them is weak; defendants are convicted of murder because their suspicious actions are directly and clearly linked to murder evidence or events, or forensic evidence of some sort links them to the crime, or they are identified as being present at the murder scene or as the suspect by people who personally know them and identify them as being involved.

None of that happened with Richard Wanke, and NO OTHER DEFENDANT has been as thoroughly investigated over 9 years time as Richard Wanke. Richard Wanke’s conviction by jury has solved NOTHING! The Greg Clark murder remains an open, unsolved murder. The Rockford Police previously listed it as a “cold case”. Cold cases are routinely only charged once new evidence is discovered which connects a suspect to a murder.  That did not happen here. Winnebago County State’s Attorney, Joseph Bruscator went ahead and just charged Richard Wanke in 2014 with Clark’s murder without discovering any new relevant evidence since 2008. That in itself was an injustice as it created time difficulties for Richard to assemble evidence to support himself.

If you are an interested defense attorney and will consider either pro bono assistance or court appointment, email us at freerichardwanke@gmail.com anytime to prevent further injustice. We need your help now. This case is not complex, and the lack of evidence and continuing injustice leaps out at you! A review of what happened at trial, and what was presented by both sides is available. Richard’s conviction is now beginning appellate review at the 2nd District Appellate Court. He is presently represented by the IL Appellate Defender’s office (which generally does a good job on appeals). Based on our knowledge of his case, the material on this website, and the materials to be posted shortly, we believe that Richard Wanke, has an excellent chance of winning a second trial on appeal. Unfortunately, however that means his case would return to Winnebago County for retrial. This will take at least two years to happen, but when it does, Richard will not be well-represented by Winnebago County. For that reason, we ask that you can lend any pro bono assistance to Richard at a second trial and/or  consider court appointment, we will sincerely welcome your help and please contact us. Anyone else may also contact us via freerichardwanke@gmail.com. We also welcome Facebook readers of richardwanke and injustice everywhere to this site. 

Attention: Like so many other wrongfully convicted persons in IL, Richard Wanke is now in the situation of having to prove his innocence after conviction. It’s very difficult for those who are innocent and wrongfully convicted to overturn their convictions. For this reason, to help publicize their individual efforts and to help educate the public about the epidemic of wrongful convictions in IL, we’ve set up a Facebook page at the address below where we will be posting on an on-going basis articles, podcasts, and discussions about wrongful convictions. We also welcome your participation on our Facebook page:

Talk: Suspect Convictions, at https://www.facebook.com/nolawforinnocence/
  1. cworboy4759 says:

    The Public Defender believes he has a conflict. How can defendant get good representation in
    this situation? The judge, the head of the Public Defender’s office and Rockford legal professionals too numerous to mention all knew the victim. Many know the defendant. This case cries out for change of venue.


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