Condemn shooting of police – and of innocent citizens as well

Posted: February 5, 2011 by scaryhouse in Uncategorized


It almost seems like a law enforcement officer is shot in the line of duty every single day. While my condolences go out to the families of the good, law abiding officers, I can understand why some young black people feel they have to go out in a blaze, so to speak.

No one deserves to be killed, but that doesn’t stop people in power from supporting the “death penalty” and urging judges and juries to kill felons accused of capital crimes. If the good police officers don’t care when innocent citizens are victimized by law enforcers, should the people boo-hoo when officers are shot and wounded?

Yes! We all should be concerned, even if we don’t cry, when someone loses a life as a result of police or citizen misconduct. But anyone who knows anything about American history knows that some law enforcers killed innocent Black people before slavery, during slavery, after slavery and as recently as days ago.

It was lawmen, in many instances, who ordered that dogs attack civil rights marchers and protesters. It was police officers that oftentimes riddled black suspects with bullets or sodomized suspects in custody and in handcuffs.

Every black man and woman in America knows someone in his or her family or community who was a victim of false arrest, trumped up charges, over-prosecution and/or police excessive use of force.

via South Florida Times: Miami , Broward, Palm Beach, Breaking News & Weather at – Condemn shooting of police – and of innocent citizens as well.

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