“Exposé Hits Hard At Death Penalty System”

Posted: November 18, 2010 by mikethemouth in IDOC, IL in Fiscal Ruins, Local Issues, Prosecutorial Misconduct, Uncategorized

If you want to find out where capital punishment stands in IL and how ineffective it is, you need to read (this article, here) and the full official report below. :


“…The report found that taxpayers spend huge sums on prosecution of an inordinate number of death-penalty cases, though we’ve seen 18 death sentences since 2003; that prosecutors seek the penalty as a bargaining ploy in pursuit of a lesser guilty plea and sentence, and that $64 million has been spent on civil damage awards to men whose death row convictions were reversed…

…Since 2000, she learned, $100 million in taxpayer money has been spent via the Capital Litigation Trust Fund. That honey pot was meant to ensure defense counsel in capital cases, especially in places where public defender offices aren’t staffed adequately and must enlist private lawyers…

…But prosecutors made sure that the fund would also pay for their often-ample nonsalary expenses, including those for investigators, not just for private defense counsel and the nonsalary expenses of public defenders…

…Mrs. Bienen’s breakdown offers a view of both the perverse economic incentives inspired by the fund and the variances in county practices — especially startling since, as studies nationwide show, it’s far more expensive to pursue the death penalty than to keep an inmate in prison for life…

…But assuming it’s not a deterrent — which the data suggest — it’s worth asking how much we’re willing to pay just to appease a sense of public vengeance….”

  1. Cathy Heather says:

    OMG are you for real? Why don’t you worry about releasing some of the prisoners that deserve to be released and let them come back to help their families and pay more taxes with us. No you just want to hold them so i get to pay the taxes all alone. You people don’t know what you’re doing to us that aren’t the one’s who need to be punished. Do I even have to go pay a lawyer too? Which won’t help cause most likely that won’t get me anywhere either. So FREEDOM of speech is all I can afford right now because of you. While you got big freaken mantions kiss my ass this ain’t right and I will speak out on this. GET your shit straight and NOW! Sorry for cussing but really? Can we the poor people get some help?


  2. Tabitha says:

    I keep hearing about changes at the IDOC but nothing about MGT. I am so sick and tired of the governor already I voted for him and he still haven’t reinstated it. There are alot of people hurting out here and he don’t even care.


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